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Welcome to the Office of International Programs (OIP) Study Abroad homepage! Study abroad will be an important part of your college experience--all majors have an opportunity to go abroad. Study abroad programs are available for as short as one week or as long as an academic year. Where will you go?

Virtual Study Abroad Fair 2014

Virtual Fair

Explore opportunities abroad through online video presentations about returnee student experiences, financial aid and scholarships, upcoming summer and semester program highlights, and special STEM-related programs. You may have missed the live stream, but you haven't missed the videos! Events from the Virtual Study Abroad Fair week are below; the start of each speaker's time is labeled so you can jump to events that you want to see.

Day 1: Overview

Virtual Fair Day 1 on YouTube

START - Introduction with Callie Dominique K. Speer, Study Abroad Advisor
1:24 - Returnee presentation by Shelby Moenster, exchange with Aarhus University, Denmark
10:45 - Returnee presentation by Rachel Austin, API in Granada, Spain
27:40 - Overview of Programs

33:09 - Neat Summer Programs
42:30 - NDSU Exchange Programs in English

42:30 - NDSU Exchange Programs for Spanish
51:03 - ISEP Exchange Programs Introduction
53:00 - NDSU Direct Programs


Day 2: Faculty-Led

Virtual Fair Day 2 on YouTube

START - Introduction with Callie Dominique K. Speer, Study Abroad Advisor
00:47 - Faculty-Led Business Programs with Newell Wright, Director of the Center for Global Initiatives
30:57 - Returnee presentation by Elise Braun, ISA Barcelona, Spain
45:40 - Returnee presentation by Austin Foss, Architecture - Modern Dubai


Day 3: STEM Students Abroad

Virtual Fair Day 3 on YouTube
START - Introduction with Callie Dominique K. Speer, Study Abroad Advisor
00:20 - Returnee presentation by Lane Lipetzky, ISA Valencia, Spain (dietetics major)
6:12 - Returnee presentation by Deniz Comez, State University of Campinas, Brazil (ECE major)
14:11 - Returnee presentation by Travis Mack, API in Rome, Italy: John Cabot University (PR & Advertising major)
24:40 - Returnee video presentation by Joseph Lutovsky, API in Berlin, Germany (New Media major and Computer Science minor)
29:15 - Academic planning for study abroad
35:28 - Program highlights for STEM majors - NDSU Exchange

43:08 - Program highlights for STEM majors - ISEP Exchange
47:19 - Program highlights for STEM majors - NDSU Direct
54:20 - Website resources and searching tips

Day 4: Affiliate Providers

Virtual Fair Day 4 on YouTube
START - Introduction with Callie Dominique K. Speer, Study Abroad Advisor
4:43AIFS programs with Angela Manginelli
10:11IES Abroad programs with Kellie Clock
16:32ISA programs with Walt Lengel
23:54World Endeavors programs with Kjerstin Olson
30:03API programs with Chelsea Kindred
37:06Arcadia University programs with Aubrey Tranter
44:36GlobaLinks programs with Shun Yanagishita

56:38IFSA-Butler programs with Nick Pivovarnik

Day 5: Study Abroad Scholarships and Romania Programs

Virtual Fair Day 5 on YouTube
START - Scholarship Workshop with Callie Dominique K. Speer, Study Abroad Advisor
34:20 - Information about opportunities at Babes-Bolyai University with Florin Salijan, professor
42:19 - Overview of Transilvania Beyond Draculea with Florin Salijan, faculty leader


Wondering where to start?

Explore Opportunities Online

Study Abroad BrochureVisit the Get Started page or search for a program using the Program Search.

You can also download a copy of the Study Abroad Brochure (1MB PDF) for an overview of the many amazing opportunities available for studying, interning, and volunteering around the world, how to get started with picking a program, finances, scholarships, and an overview of the International Studies Major.

Attend a Study Abroad InfoSession

Information sessions are held every Monday-Thursday at 4pm in the Office of International Programs, MU116. This is a great place to learn more about the programs that are available and to ask questions that you may have as you are getting started.
Watch the Study Abroad Podcast
Or take a look at the Study Abroad Prezi!

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The Office of International Programs is proudly a member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the Forum on Education Abroad, and the Diversity in Global Education Network.