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International Student and
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Preparing Your Return

Preparing Your Return

As you study for your final exams, pack up all your belongings, and prepare to bid farewell to your host school and country consider this list of steps that will aid you in your return to life in the U.S. 
Before leaving your international home:
  1. Write down the contact information of the new friends, teachers, or host family members that you hope to keep in touch with.
  2. Purchase souvenirs and take pictures of your favorite sights.
  3. Copy down your favorite recipes!
  4. Make sure you have registered for next term's classes at NDSU. This may include getting in contact with your advisor through email to discuss your course plan.
  5. Read the information below about Transcripts and Credit Transfer. 

Transcript from Abroad

Before you leave your host school, make sure your host university sends your transcripts directly to the Office of International Student and Study Abroad Services.

If they are sending it by EXPRESS MAIL:   If they are sending it by REGULAR MAIL:
International Student and Study Abroad Services
Tanya Kramer
1401 Administration Ave MU 116
Fargo, ND 58102
International Student and Study Abroad Services
Tanya Kramer
PO Box 6050, Dept 4620
Fargo, ND 58108

You will receive an automatic notification from the study abroad portal when you transcript has been attached to your account and sent to Registration and Records for processing. Once you have received this notice, processing by Registration and Records will take approximately 1-2 months before the number of credits passed and the "P" are updated on your NDSU transcript.

Credit Transfer

Semester or year-long students must maintain full time status equivalency of at least 12 NDSU credits. Credit transfer decisions are based on the information contained in your host university transcript. Remember that you must abide by host institution requirements if you add, drop, or withdraw from classes. If you make any special arrangements to deviate from normal academic procedures at your host institution, be sure to get the conditions of your agreement in writing. Also be sure to keep copies of course descriptions, syllabi, assignments, and any other records you feel may be important for the proper evaluation of your courses which have not received prior approval on your Course Plan.