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Frequently Asked Questions  
Course Transfer · Travel Requirements
Planning for Study Abroad
International Studies Major

Course Transfer 

I would like to use my study abroad to fulfill NDSU General Education requirements for Cultural Diversity and Global Perspectives

  • Use form: Student Appeal for Exception to General Education Requirements (PDF) and submit to Registration & Records. You must explain, in detail, how that class fulfills the description of the general education area.
  • If you are looking to fulfill both Cultural Diversity and Global Perspectives, you may put both requests on same form, noting your Cultural Diversity request under "III" on form. Cultural diversity requirement can be fulfilled by any 3 credit class taken abroad.
  • If you would like to fulfill Global Perspectives, you must request your appeal under "I" on form, and explain, in detail, why your experience fits the definition of Global Perspectives as defined in the NDSU Bulletin: "focus on analysis of world-wide issues illustrating the interdependence of the world and its people"

I want a class that I took abroad to count towards a class on the NDSU General Education Requirement list.

  • The class must have been deemed the equivalent of a class on the current Gen Ed list, found here: General Education Requirements. If you want free electives, this will happen once your transcript is processed and when the # of credits you earned is determined by R&R.

I would like to complete my final credits while abroad/graduate while abroad:

Travel Requirements 

Do I need a passport for travel to Canada or Mexico?

  • Please click here to visit the U.S. State Department website for up-to-date news about the upcoming travel requirements to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Deadlines are always subject to change, so please monitor the US State Department website at

Planning for Study Abroad 

What are the most popular destinations for study abroad students at NDSU?

  • Australia is by far the most popular destination, with Europe, in general, as a close second. The most popular countries in Europe currently are England and Spain. (We have exchange partners in all of these countries! 'Exchange' means that you pay NDSU tuition and fees while abroad.)

When is the best time for me to study abroad?

  • This question depends on each individual student. Students are eligible to go abroad when they are at least sophomores. Some students may want to study abroad right away, and some may wait until they are done with their degree and just want to take general electives. And some students study abroad somewhere in between. Ask your department if they recommend particular times for students in your major/minor to go abroad.

International Studies Major 

What is the International Studies Major (ISM) and how do I declare it? How does study abroad fit into the major?

  • The International Studies Major is a secondary major that you must declare alongside your primary major. One of the main requirements is that you complete at least a 10-week experience abroad. You must be a sophomore in order to declare the ISM.