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Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are available to help get you started with planning to study abroad. As students who studied abroad recently, they understand the process and are ready to get you started. Talk with a Peer Mentor with a drop-in appointment at Study Abroad Services (MU116 by the coffee shop) or email them at
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Kate H
Kate Harrington
Peer Mentor

I studied abroad through ISEP during spring 2016 in Sunderland, UK. It had always been a dream of mine to study abroad.  Having the opportunity to meet new people and learn in a new country is one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Alex McIntee
Alex McIntee
Peer Mentor

I went abroad on a faculty led program, Agriculture and the Equine Industry in Ireland in May 2017. It was an amazing experience. Everything we did was hands-on and behind the scenes, so we got a unique look at their culture. It was great to make connections over there and I can't wait to visit Ireland again.
PM Kevin
Kevin Thompson
Senior Peer Mentor


Katie Taylor
Senior Peer Mentor

I studied abroad through API in Granada, Spain, during academic year 2014-15. I have always had a passion for learning new languages, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and my time abroad has provided me with so many opportunities and experiences.