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International Student and
Study Abroad Services

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Faculty and Advisors

Thank you for your interest in promoting internationalization at NDSU by not only offering your support to students who study abroad, but also by your interest in creating a faculty-led program. Please see the following informational resources:

Study Abroad Tips for Academic Advisors

Here are some helpful tips for academic advisors who are working with study abroad students: Tips for Academic Advisors.pdf.

Proposing a Faculty-Led Program

We look forward to discussing your plans and ideas and assisting you with your program development along the way. If you are proposing a program for the first time, please contact Tanya Kramer to set up a time to discuss your plans and address any preliminary questions that you may have.

Please complete the Fac-Led Proposal.docx if you are planning to lead a program during the 2014/15 academic year.

Preliminary Draft Proposals for the 2014/15 academic year are due June 1, 2014. The draft should be emailed to and have completed information in the following sections: General Program Information, Marketing Information, and Student Information. 

The Final, Signed Proposal is due July 1, 2014, as we will be printing individual program brochures and updating the website, financial aid, and application information throughout the summer.

As you are planning your program, you will find the
Faculty-Led Handbook to be very helpful, but please do not hesitate to contact Tanya Kramer with questions.

Thank you for your dedication to expanding international education opportunities for our students!

Proposing an Exchange Agreement

If you would like to propose a new exchange agreement with an institution abroad, please complete the following form (Viability Assessment for New Exchange Agreement.docx) to have the exchange be considered by the Study Abroad Advisory Committee (SAAC). The SAAC will meet once per semester in November and April to review any new proposals that have been submitted. The committee consists of the following members: Alicia Kauffman, Director of International Student and Study Abroad Services; Lisa Hauck, Director of Global Outreach; Tanya Kramer, Assistant Director of Study Abroad; Jeanne Hageman, Chair of Modern Languages; Newell Wright, Director of the Center for Global Initiatives; and Debby Wichmann, Senior Liaison in Registration and Records.