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International Student and
Study Abroad Services

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Faculty and Advisors

Study Abroad Tips for Academic Advisors

Here are some helpful tips for academic advisors who are working with study abroad students: Tips for Academic Advisors.pdf.

NDSU Miles Program

NDSU employees who fly on Delta airlines can duplicate their award miles to help NDSU students study abroad. In the past 3 years since the program began we have been able to award over 30 airline tickets to students abroad. Please contact for instructions on how to participate.

Reporting International Travel

All NDSU students who are going abroad for university-related activities need to be registered through Study Abroad Services to make sure we have the appropriate information on file and to help adequately prepare students to go abroad. For group travel, there are two different processes depending on the type of activity being undertaken abroad: Faculty-Led Programs or Group Travel Registration.

Here is what qualifies as a faculty-led program: 

1. For-Credit: This will be part of a course that participants will enroll in during their time abroad;
2. Costs: Costs related to participation will be billed to the student accounts;
3. Leader: An NDSU faculty or staff member will accompany the students abroad.

If your program does not appear to be a faculty-led study abroad program, then the process to register your group with Study Abroad Services is much simpler. All you'll need to do is complete the Group Travel Registration Form (Group Travel Registration Form.xlsx) and email it to Tanya Kramer.

Faculty-Led Programs

Thank you for your interest in expanding NDSU students' knowledge of the world. Leading a program is both a highly challenging and rewarding endeavor that will change not only the lives of the students involved, but also your own. ISSAS staff facilitate the following processes for faculty-led programs:

  • Faculty-led proposal
  • Faculty-leader advising (program logistics, terms and dates, etc.)
  • Finances (both program related, such as budgets and payments to vendors, as well as student related, such as student billing and financial aid)
  • Policies and procedures (NDSU, study abroad, and national best practices)
  • Academics (integrating experiential learning with discipline-specific)
  • Marketing (brochures, website, posters, emails)
  • Student recruitment and advising (application process, student eligibility, program selection)
  • Risk management, health and safety (international health insurance, incident reporting, emergency procedures)

Please contact Tanya Kramer with any questions about the proposal or about leading a program.