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Here are some great stories from abroad!

Tanvi Sharma

During my stay in Denmark, I figured out one of the cheaper ways of traveling across the continent- couch surfing. It is a network of passionate travelers who can create inspiring experiences by cross cultural exchange across the globe. One could send requests to people in countries he/she intends to travel asking for hosting them or meeting up for a talk, showing around the city. I had heard about it before, from some friends who had tried it so I was not as skeptical about the idea as a lot of other people I talked to were.
I gave it a try for the first time when I was going to see Copenhagen. My host was an Asian man and was extremely hospitable. He showed me around the city. We talked about our cultures and the day I was leaving, he taught me how to make sushi.
My second experience was in Rome where I stayed with my Italian host for 4 nights. He was hosting a Brazilian at the same time which was totally cool since all of us would get together to share our stories during the great italian dinner that he would cook for us each day. It was amazing to see how trusting he was of us two travelers staying at his place. He gave us duplicate keys to his house to come in any time, go any time, so our plans are not restricted by his working schedule.
I also hosted a traveler from Sweden, who came to visit my city in Denmark. This time I showed her around the city, however much I knew it by then. We walked around downtown talking about our cultures and later in the evening I took her to one of my events on campus where I introduced her to some other friends of mine.
These experiences made me realize the value of this organization and the depth of this concept. If people use it genuinely, it is such a great thing to be a part of.