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International Student and
Study Abroad Services

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Domestic Short-Term Travel

Our office is available to facilitate the process to include short-term domestic travel as part of their course. With course fees going away starting Fall 2018, departments are still able to run their programs. This is a new transition, so we would be happy to meet with you to determine the best course of action for your program. It is our hope that through collaboration we are able to provide value and create efficiencies through our expertise in student travel processes. 

Study Abroad Services will assist with the following:
  • Student billing,
  • Obtaining the signed waivers from student travelers, 
  • Financial aid and loan budgeting,
  • Program budget and accounting assistance.

Timeline for Submissions

The timeline to submit the cost to be billed to students is in alignment with course enrollment, but with an advanced window to ensure the cost is in place before the enrollment period begins. 
Fall Course - March 15th
Spring Course - September 15th
Summer Course - March 15th

Please contact Tanya Kramer ( to learn more and to submit the cost for your program.