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Peer Mentors
Peer Mentors are available to help get you started with planning to study abroad. As students who studied abroad recently, they understand the process and are ready to get you started. Talk with a Peer Mentor by stopping in at Study Abroad Services (MU116 by the coffee shop) or email them at
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 Erika Fieldhammer
Peer Mentor

I studied abroad on the faculty-led program England and Scotland: Literature and Popular Culture during May 2016. I enjoyed reading different authors and learning about important literary locations in the United Kingdom. It  made the literature come to life in ways that could not have happened if I hadn't studied abroad.
PM Kevin
Kevin Thompson
Peer Mentor

I went on the Italy (politics, art, history) program at the end of Spring 2016. I really liked how we learned about the cultural differences that exist within Italy itself. There are vast differences in the culture and the people depending on what city or region they are from and it was very interesting to experience these differences. 
PM ErinErin Winters
Peer Mentor

I studied abroad on the faculty-led program England and Scotland: Literature and Pop Culture in May of 2016.
I have always loved British culture and literature and it was fascinating to see some of the places I've read about up close and in person, as well as to see what life is like in another country.
Katie Taylor
Senior Peer Mentor

I studied abroad through API in Granada, Spain, during academic year 2014-15. I have always had a passion for learning new languages, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and my time abroad has provided me with so many opportunities and experiences.