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International Student and
Study Abroad Services

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NSE Domestic Programs

National Student Exchange (NSE)

Study on another campus in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands while paying the same tuition as you would studying at NDSU. You may also study abroad through NSE where you pay the host tuition and fees, such as Hawaii. Study for a single semester or academic year at one of 200 NSE participating colleges and universities. You can also chose to participate in both NSE and study abroad programs during your time at NDSU. Applications for NSE are due March 1 for study during the upcoming fall, academic year, and spring semesters. Apply now for NSE in the US and NSE in Canada!

Here are some reasons why NSE might be right for you:

Academic Benefits
  • take classes not available at NDSU
  • study with new professors
  • broaden your educational perspectives
  • pursue research, field study, and internship opportunities
  • investigate graduate schools
Personal Benefits
  • experience personal growth and become more independent
  • experience different geographic and cultural settings
  • gain international and/or intercultural experience
  • gain insight into the historical and cultural makeup of different regions
Professional Benefits
  • make connections in a new job market
  • develop skills (independence and adaptability) and gain experience that make you more employable
  • improve your communications skills with people from different backgrounds
  • prepare yourself to live and work in a culturally diverse society

Domestic Programs (Field Trips)

Study Abroad Services also works to enable course-required short-term domestic travel. As you are getting ready to go, our office is here to support your financial planning and travel preparations. Faculty who are planning their domestic programs can find more information under the Faculty and Advisors page.