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Low-Cost Semester
Is cost your primary consideration when searching for a study abroad program? The type of program and location can have a significant impact on the cost of studying abroad. Here are some low-cost options to consider.

1. First consider the more than 150 Exchange Programs that are available all over the world. These programs are great options because you would pay NDSU tuition and fees for your time abroad, while having an excellent, authentic, immersive experience.

2. If none of those programs meet your needs, there are a number of locations around the world with a low cost of living and low tuition costs that come together to make for a low overall program cost. Below are some of the lowest priced affiliate program options available. (Note: Most of these program fees include tuition, housing, international health insurance, and meals, but be sure to take a look at the details of the program fee to verify if there are any meals or other expenses excluded from the program fee amount. NDSU tution is waived while participating on an affiliate provider program like the ones listed below, but you will be responsible for a small amount of NDSU fees for the semester (>$100). You will also have additional costs for your passport ($150), visa (varies by location), airline ticket, and spending money.)


  • World Endeavors Study Abroad in China: Yantai University - $7,990 for a semester during the 2013-14 year
    Located on the Shandong peninsula of northeastern China, Yantai is a picturesque city with a strong commercial and industrial presence in China’s growing economy. For a short time in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Yantai belonged to the British, and it retains an interesting array of historic Western and Chinese architecture. All the conveniences of a modern and growing city are easy to find, but it’s also an authentic city without many of the trappings of tourism. Yantai is known as a place of rich natural beauty, with its coastal elegance, rugged mountainous landscape, and mild weather, perfect for outdoor exploration year-round. World Endeavors students in China study Mandarin Chinese, one of the world’s fastest-growing languages.  They also study the culture of a nation that is increasingly important in international affairs, while having an experience that will forever change the way they see the world.
  • ISA Intensive Chinese Language at East China Normal University - $8,900 for fall semester 2013
    Students participating in the Intensive Chinese Language program at East China Normal University will take a full course load of Mandarin language courses which will including speaking, reading, writing, and listening components. All language levels are available, from absolute beginner to advanced, and a placement exam will be given at the start of each semester.

Costa Rica

  • AIFS in San José - $8,995 (12-Week Program) during the 2013-14 year
    Study in this lively capital of Costa Rica where you can enjoy all the facilities of a big city while being within reach of two coasts, volcanoes and national parks of the central highlands. Experience “Tico” culture first hand and practice your language skills by living and sharing meals with your local host family. Get to know more of Costa Rica with cultural activities including tours, museum visits and even tropical dance lessons!
  • CEA San Jose, Costa Rica - Environmental Studies - $9,395 for the 2014 winter/spring semester
    This program provides students of all language levels the unique opportunity to study environmental science in Costa Rica. Despite its small size geographically, Costa Rica offers a wide range of biological diversity and is a renowned world leader in the field of environmental conservation. This program offers the student extraordinary insight into the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica, along with the opportunity to gain knowledge of the Spanish language and Costa Rican culture.
  • CEA San Jose, Costa Rica - Medical Spanish & Health Sciences - $9,395 for the 2014 winter/spring semester
    This program is designed for students of all language levels who are interested in using Spanish language skills in the medical field. The course focuses on developing the ability to effectively communicate with patients through intensive practice of speaking and listening comprehension, along with some reading and grammar, all set within a medical context. Students will also gain insight into Costa Rica's socialized Health Care System, its strengths and weaknesses as well as the medical challenges presented by the country's tropical environment.
  • CEA San Jose, Costa Rica - Spanish Language, Liberal Arts & Sciences - $9,395 for the 2014 spring semester
    This program is designed for students of all language levels who wish to become more comfortable with the Spanish language, and be immersed into the Costa Rican culture of peace, democracy and environmental preservation. Regardless of the chosen subject area, this program will provide a comprehensive base in the liberal arts, while giving the opportunity to gain further insight into the identity of Latin America today.

Dominican Republic

  • ISA Santiago, Dominican Republic: Latin American Studies, Spanish Language & Courses with Locals$9,500 for the 2013 fall semester 
    This program is designed for students at the intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish proficiency. Students will participate in courses focusing on Spanish Language and Caribbean and Latin American studies. All courses will be taken at the Pontifical Catholic University "Madre y Maestra" (PUCMM) and instructed by PUCMM faculty. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a community service program with possible placement in an organization or business in Santiago. On a limited basis, ISA students at the advanced levels of Spanish may take classes with Dominican students from the university's primary course listings. Please call the ISA office for additional information.
  • ISA Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Business, Health Sciences, Engineering & Additional Courses with Locals - $9,500 for the 2014 spring semester
    The Business, Health Sciences, Engineering & additional Courses with Locals semester program is open to students at all language levels and offers Spanish language courses and a variety of courses with locals instructed in English and Spanish. Courses in English are primarily related to Business, Health Sciences, and Engineering. Students who place into the advanced Spanish language level have the opportunity to enroll in courses with locals instructed in Spanish in a variety of disciplines, such as architecture, education, hospitality, mathematics, psychology and sciences.


  • World Endeavors Study Abroad in Ecuador: Blue Hill College$7,990 for a semester during the 2013-14 year
    Blue Hill College in Guayaquil is a uniquely international institution, founded to meet Ecuador’s need for a 21st-century college with a global perspective. The World Endeavors program at Blue Hill is an opportunity to take a variety of courses in English while also studying Spanish and living with a local family. The curriculum is based on the American academic system, so students can easily find courses in their areas of concentration. The excellent academic programs here include marketing, international relations, business, finance, communications, advertising, and medical studies, among other subjects. The school’s small size makes it easy for students to form connections while they explore life in Ecuador’s largest city.


  • ISA Meknes, Morocco: Language, Culture & Society$9,950 for the 2013 fall semester
    The Meknès Language, Culture and Society academic year program provides students with little or no Arabic or French language experience the opportunity to choose among courses taught in English. Students may select courses in subjects such as history, culture, architecture, arts, religion, politics, gender studies, and more. Additionally, students are required to participate in at least one Arabic or French language course per semester at the beginning, intermediate or advanced level.


  • ISA Cusco, Peru: Language, Literature & Culture - $9,700 for the 2014 spring semester
    This program is designed for students at all levels of Spanish language proficiency. Students will take a wide variety of courses available in English including: administration, economics, art and graphic design, marketing, communication, tourism, and business. Courses are held at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola and are taught by host university faculty. Classmates are ISA, international, and Peruvian students.


  • World Endeavors Study Abroad in Thailand: Mahidol University$7,990 for a semester during the 2013-14 year
    The World Endeavors program at Mahidol University is a great fit for students who want to continue their degree program in English while being immersed in a new culture. The university’s International College offersclasses in a wide range of subjects, all taught in English, making it easy for study-abroad students to fulfill degree requirements from their home universities.The wide selection of courses and international student body make this a great place to explore academically, socially, and culturally and to make friends from around the world. In any study abroad program, the most successful students are open-minded and excited about experiencing a new culture and lifestyle.
  • World Endeavors Study Abroad in Thailand: Thammasat University$7,990 for a semester during the 2013-14 year
    Students in the Thai Studies program at Thammasat University come from varied academic backgrounds. The program is a great fit for students in Asian Studies, and the courses can serve as a part of a student’s studies in social sciences or the liberal arts. It’s also the perfect destination for students who simply want to go abroad to try something new. Anyone who wants to live in the heart of Bangkok, be immersed in Thai culture, and explore Southeast Asia will find this program a fantastic addition to their education.