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General Education for Global Seminars

General Education Requirements

You can complete the Appeal General Education Requirements form (complete form online or PDF version) found on the OneStop website by November 15 for approval during fall semester and April 15 for approval during spring semester.

You must explain concisely how the course will fit into the general education category description from the Undergraduate Bulletin. This explanation from you explaining your reasons why this course should fulfill the General Education Category is the most important part of the appeal process. Students that successfully appeal are the ones who are able to make a solid argument and show their understanding of how the faculty-led course teaches you those concepts. Check the box "Substitution of a course into a general education category" and complete the requirements listed on the form.

Here is what we recommend for how to organize your essay to be more successful with your appeal:

Please give a brief overview of the course and experience in the first paragraph. Then write a header with every one of the learning outcomes for the General Education Category you are appealing, as you will elaborate on them in at least 1-2 paragraphs per outcome. Under each outcome header, respond to the learning outcome in specific detail. Explain what you learned through the class (assignments, lectures, etc.) and experience (site visits, guest lecturers, interactions with locals, etc.) about each learning outcome. You need to be able to show that you understand and have successfully learned about each outcome through participation in the class and experience.