Program Costs

When participating in an ISEP direct program, NDSU tuition is waived and NDSU only charges a small amount of NDSU student fees and the Study Abroad User Fee for your term abroad. You are responsible for the tuition and fees and other costs charged by the institution abroad as well as the additional costs for the application and course fees, airfare, and other living expenses. The cost of the tuition and other required expenses are outlined on the ISEP program page available through the homepage link at the top of this page; for assistance with finalizing full budget estimate start an application using the Apply Now button and follow the instructions. To learn more about the cost and payment structure for ISEP direct programs and for help with comparing program costs, visit the Program Costs page.

Financial Aid and Loans

Financial aid and scholarships can be applied toward the costs of a credit-bearing program. Funds will be deposited to your student account at NDSU to pay toward anything due to NDSU, and then you will receive a refund for any additional funds remaining. You will be required to pay the program fees due directly to the provider. Check with the provider about payment deadlines and whether you can make adjustments to your deadline based on when your financial aid will be disbursed. See the Financial Aid and Scholarships page for more information.